Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Morning at Grandma Michelle's

Here's Mommy and Brighton trying to get some lunch for B.

We all went to my Grandma Michelle's for Christmas Eve Brunch. Here's my dad and mom in the kitchen slaving away!

All the girls (from left to right): Brighton, little sister Kassie 16, my mom Helen, Grandma Michelle (dad's mom), me, and the older little sister Kaylee 17.

I just thought Kaylee was hilarious for wearing this ribbon around her head. Yet she always manages to look fashionable no matter what she puts on. Isn't she beautiful?

More of my handmade Christmas gifts! I made this bracelet for Kassie. You can't really see it, but it's dark blue, light blue and white and crocheted around a bunch of hoops.

Kassie also uses a hot pad regularly. So I made her a cover for a brand new one that Grandma bought for her.

She specifically asked for a sleeping mask, so I made one to match her hot pad cover.
My dad loves palm trees so we had Brighton stamp her hands again and make a tree for Grandpa Rod, complete with beach.
And here's my grandma with her apron that I made for her.

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