Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Eve with The Stoddards

We went over to a long time family friend's home for Christmas Eve. There we shared our Christmas Ever tradition of opening up our new Christmas pj's. It's Dale favorite gift of the season :). We played a very rousing game of Mad Gab to end the night.
Here's Dale, Judd Stoddard, Kassie, and my little brother Connor in the front.
My dad, Jill Stoddard, her sister in law, Brighton, Jessie Stodard, and Jentry Stoddard all enjoying Mad Gab.
Grandma Helen and Brighton! Merry Christmas!
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Emily said...

I should have waited a few minutes longer until I hassled you about the homemade gifts. You're so great at it. We really need to live close by and have sewing parties. I'd love that! :)