Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Christmas

I can't believe I forgot to post about this! I blame Dale for not putting the pictures in chronological order... But this is our Christmas that we had before we left on the Christmas Road Trip 2008!
Santa knew that we were leaving a bit early, but he still managed to get his gifts to us! Thanks Santa. I hope you didn't overwork your elves too much trying to get everything done two weeks before Christmas! I'm sure glad I didn't have to deal with that... So Santa didn't get around to repainting the doll cradle, so we'll just make Dale do it. But the cradle came with a doll mattress, quilt and pillow. Brighton is such a lucky girl!And what's this in her stocking? Is that another doll for Brighton? Wow, Santa is awesome!

Now to help Mommy open her stocking...
See's Nuts and Chews! My favorite! Thanks Santa!
Santa even brought something for Sawyer- a yummy pig ear. He never forgets the dog!

Here's Brighton's doll asleep in her new cozy bed. Merry Christmas!

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Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

great job on the blanket and doll they turned out great. Who needs to paint the cradle it looks great the way it is.