Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We went a bit crazy with some paint when my family came. My dad is a good sport and was willing to help us out, and teach us some tricks of the trade. We decided to go with a really nice yellow in the dining room. When they first started painting, I was close to tears. I kept saying to my mom, that's not the color I picked out! It was hideously bright. But after it dried it was perfect! It was exactly what I wanted and made the room look great.

Dale, working around the baseboards.

My dad. I don't know why he wanted to paint the ladder to match... just kidding, the ladder was already yellow... We also changed that light fixture in the dining room, so that is looking much better, too.

Dale, having fun with the paint brush, and very excited to make our house more homey.

We went with a bright green in the kitchen, and I love it! I was in love with my house before, but if it's possible, I'm more in love with it now!
You can see part of the finished wall in the dining room. Love it! And my dad is cutting in with the green paint, so Dale can roll the walls.
A before shot of the kitchen! Wait until you see the after! We decided to do a red accent wall in the living room, and we didn't get any pictures of it being done! My dad started on it while we were all asleep! You'll just have to wait for the after picture, but that looks great too!

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