Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kassie's 18th Birthday #2

Connor and Brighton. Despite what you may think from this picture, B and Con-man are best buddies.
Mom and me.
Dad's bowl of food.
Eating Crab Pot style: dump the food on the table, put on your bib, roll up your sleeves and eat with your hands. Love it!

We're ready to dig in! Well, hammer our way in...

Kaylee and Kassie. Yes, Kaylee got a burger- she's the black sheep on the family and doesn't like seafood. Weird, I know. Well, Dale got a burger too so I guess they're both weird together.

Of course, the birthday girl got some ice cream to celebrate and we all helped her finish it.

Everyone got a ride on the carousel, and Kaylee's picture is the only one that didn't turn out awful.


Grandpa and Brighton.
Grandpa sneaks a kiss!
Cute girl! Miss B with a weird clown.
Mom and Dad.
Miss B looking so cute walking on the pier.
Kaylee, me and Kassie. We ate so much it's coming back up!
But seriously, good food.

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Brianne said...

Looks like fun! I would have ordered the burger too. Although, I don't know how Kaylee ate her burger with the smell of crab all around her.