Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adventures In Food

This isn't all of the adventures because some went by very quickly (we LOVE food, ok?!) before we could snag a picture.
At the famous Crab Pot in Seattle. Kassie shares my love of sea food and we dived into a bowl of crab legs. With butter. Yum.
Oh yeah, we love to beat our food with mallets.
We also went to Frost Doughnuts because we couldn't turn these beauties down. Each one is a work of baked art. Mine was red velvet (on the left) and I don't remember what Kassie's was- white chocolate something and it was good!
They had little kids' books which helped keep Brighton entertained.
SOOOOO good. And the place was decorated all in pink and brown. It was just fun to be there.
With some nice free hot chocolate. There was a really cute boy that worked there and he was checking my cute little sister out. She got us free hot chocolate. Beauty has it's perks.

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Brianne said...

Can I borrow Kassie so I can get some free hot chocolate too?