Sunday, October 24, 2010

Backstreet Boys

Yes, this was FOREVER ago. And yes, I've procrastinated long enough- it's time to bite the bullet and catch up on blogging!

I was telling Dale, "I wish I could just start from what I've done this week instead of feeling the pressure of playing catch-up." To which he responded, "So do that." What is he thinking?

The Backstreet Boys concert was in early August. My little sister, Kassie, came with me and my friend Jessica. Jessica and I grew up listening to these Boys so we were VERY excited. (Pictures were taken in the dark and on Kassie's camera, so don't make fun of the bad pictures!)
And of course we made t-shirts. (Hint: They say, "It's gotta be you.)
There were some pretty crazy fans with some awesome signs like this one: BSB=Female Viagra.
And some who came in outfits that NO ONE should ever wear out in public, like this French Maid ensemble. But hey, if you think it's going to get Nick's attention...
Kassie, me and Jessica getting pumped!
We're ready to rock our bodies! We danced through the entire concert. It was awesome.
Some girls behind us threw up. Seriously? Why come to the concert if you have to drink to enjoy it? I just don't get it.
Do you think Nick looks back at old pictures from the Backstreet Boys' early days and says, "What was I thinking wearing my hair like that?"
Whoa! Getting crazy!
They had several themes and costume changes, but I liked this one best. They actually brought out some old dance routines.
More lights and dancing.

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