Monday, November 22, 2010

Marysville Touch-A-Truck

On September 11, we went to Touch-A-Truck. There we tons of trucks and tractors!
Brighton got a fire hat and got to sit in a real fire truck. She's been a obsessed with firemen lately- and not in the way you'd think. Unlike me, she's not thinking how cute they are, but how cool their jobs are.
She watches the "Barney's Trip to the Firehouse" on a regular basis. She was way excited about riding shotgun.
Me, Mason, Brighton and Kassie hanging out on the back of the fire truck.
Brighton was able to check out a real ambulance,
and drive a K-9 Police cruiser (with the actual K-9 in the back!).
She was telling me that she drove this police car.
Checking out the steering on a SWAT car (that's what it looked like to me).
See? A huge black tank.

There were tons of different kinds of tractors besides all the cool garbage trucks and dump trucks. Brighton was one proud farmer in this one.
Checking out all the different buttons and gears.
Of course, B had to check out the bouncy house.
And finally, there was a snow plow. This thing is pretty big, huh?

We had a blast at Touch-A-Truck. There was so much to see and do! And it was free, which you really can't beat. Keep your eyes out for it in the paper next year- you've got to check it out.

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