Monday, November 22, 2010

Arlington Runners Club 5&10K

On September 25, I ran in another race. This was a smaller, local one for charity. I really liked the feel of it. I've only done the huge ones, and you kinda get lost in the crowd. At this one, we all got to talk before the race and I was running by myself once the 5k people turned around (I ran the 10k).
Dale stopped every now and then to take pictures of me.
And Brighton got out and waved almost every time. She was so excited to send me off to the race that morning (now whenever I put on my running shoes, she always asks me if she can come to the race and run, too)
She ran a little ways with me.
Finishing strong!
I ran the 6.2 miles in 50:59. There was a guy who ran it in like 35 minutes or something crazy like that, and another girl who was a few minutes ahead of me.

There were 22 people who ran the 10k. I got third place overall, second place for females, and 1st place for the 20-29 division. I actually placed! I love these local races.


Brianne said...

That's awesome! Great job!

Jessica said...

Good job, Kim! Way to go. Seriously, keep it up and you will be placing in those big marathons!