Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lang's Pony Farm

We took Brighton to Lang's Pony Farm for her 3rd birthday. She had so much fun!

She got to pick out a helmet and her pony. She seemed nervous and I was worried she wouldn't want to ride one.
She got her boots in the stirrups and held onto the reins and was excited to go after she met Popeye up close (that's the pony's name). He was the smallest pony they had.
Here's the birthday girl with her guide.
Brighton kept slipping off to one side of the saddle and her guide had to keep pushing her back on.
Making a stop at the barn.
We went on a 30 minute forest trail ride. Popeye did awesome and only stopped once to go to the bathroom. I just liked how this picture turned out.
B practiced telling Popeye "WHOA!" and pulling up on the reins.
Nice job!
A photo op by the lake.
This is my favorite one of the day. She looks like a pro.
We asked her what horses say and she neighs at us. Then Popeye started to neigh really loud. At first Brighton looked scared, but then she started laughing and neighing with him. It was too funny.
After the ride, she told Popeye thank you and gave him a big hug and kiss.
Happy 3rd Birthday Brighton. We love you! Thanks for being so awesome Popeye.

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