Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mason's First Birthday

It was such a great weekend because my family was able to come visit and be there for Mason's party. Lucky boy!

I decided to go with an "UNO" themed party. I'd seen the idea before on MADE and took it just a few steps further.

Here's some photos of the action:
I was baking all morning and making icing in just the right colors.
I found some mini UNO cards and stuck those in the cupcakes.
Then it was time to set up decorations! Luckily it was a nice day so we could have the party at our neighborhood park. Everyone helped to get things ready. Here's Grandma holding bags of balloons, and Grandpa with Kaylee on his shoulders getting the balloons just right.
Looking good! I'm coming around to check things out.
I made a garland with a pack of UNO cards just sewn together. "That side looks a little low, Dad."
Dale was very proud of himself for making this sign and stapling it to the post. So much so that he took this picture of it.
Brighton had been anticipating this party for weeks. She was almost as excited as I was!
Even more exciting was the matching red balloon!
The basket of party favors.
The favors: a mini deck of UNO cards and chocolate, of course.
There was lots of good food, including Miss Spitwad's famous creamy jell-o squares in cherry and lime, as I'm so amazingly modeling in this photo.
Wasn't it so cool of Kaylee to dye her hair just for Mason's party?! (No, she didn't dye it for Mason's party but it worked out perfectly.)
Connor and my dad.
Kaylee was more excited about the jalapeños than the nachos they were to go on.
A lot of my friends came. Mason doesn't have too many friends yet, and baby birthday parties are about mom anyways. Right?
There were nachos and jalapeños, olives, jell-o, taquitos and Fanta!
We had a few balls for kids to play with... or moms.
Ben was in his element.
Most people came dressed in UNO's fashionable colors.
Grandpa, hanging out, waiting for cupcakes and wondering "why, oh why, did I put those jalapeños on my nachos!"
Kaylee and Connor.
The Party Ramada.
Balloons and garland decorations.
There's the birthday boy! I almost forgot this day was about YOU!
Brighton, being silly.
Getting ready for a big jump.
The cute cupcakes.
More cupcakes.
I'm proud of these cupcakes, ok?
Everyone gathering to sing Happy Birthday.
Yay, one for me!
"So, what do I do with this?" That's the thing about not giving my kids cake except on their birthday- they have no idea what it is and are not the least bit excited about it.
You want me to put this in my mouth?
"Seriously? People eat this stuff?" "Yes Mason, and that's homemade chocolate cake and butter cream frosting so you better love it!"
Can I just play with it instead?
Alright, alright, I'll lick my fingers.
Well this frosting isn't bad.
The photos are all about being messy.
And chubby little hands like this!
Everyone eating cupcakes.
Come here, I want to give you a kiss!
I made shirts for everyone in my family. Back row: Me, #6; Dale, #0; Connor, Reverse; Grandpa Rod, Draw Two; Kaylee, Skip; Kassie, #8; Grandma Helen, #2. Front Row: Mason, UNO; Brighton, #3.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a special day for Mason, even though he won't remember any of it. We'll have this post as proof! Those who didn't make it, know that you were missed.

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming, and letting Kaylee and Connor tag along. It was so great to have all of you here to celebrate with us.

Happy First Birthday my little Monster Man!


Brianne said...

I love the shirts! You are over the top as usual. I'm so sad we weren't able to make it. I'm starting to plan Lauren's 1st birthday and it will be LAME compared to Mason's. He's a lucky boy.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

so wish we could have been there too. You amaze me with the effort you put into everything you do! Way to go

dana said...

oh it turned out cute! I love that you guys all had on UNO related card shirts. Cool! Thanks for sharing with me :)

emily said...

I love this!! Such a great idea!!

Jessica said...

So, was Ben in his element because he was a Mexican eating nachos or was it because he was just eating?! Lol