Saturday, November 13, 2010

Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon

On Labor Day, 06 September 2010, I ran a half marathon! I was really nervous because I hadn't done a lot of running since finishing the Ragnar at the end of July. I'd only done a few longer runs- mostly 10 miles, some 12 miles and once 13 miles- and lots of short runs- like 3-6 miles. I felt out of shape and totally unprepared!

But things went really well. Here's just some of the highlights:

This was the first race that Dale was able to come and see me finish. It wasn't a relay so he finally knew where I would be starting and finishing and approximate timing. I was looking for him the WHOLE TIME! (He didn't show his face until mile 11)

I went to the start with my running friend, Cara, and we got warmed up together. We got pumped, put in our ear buds and wished each other good luck. I sprinted out of that pack pretty quickly. I hate running in the herd, so I take off and work my way to the outside edge where I feel like I can just get in a groove. There was a guy talking on a cell phone while running which made me chuckle. Who brings their cell phone on a run with them? Too funny.

Around mile 4, one of my ear buds stopped working. Not good! I really must have music while I run. It keeps me going! At least I had the other ear.

It was a cold morning, but not too cold. It's actually perfect running weather to me because I'm a sweater! There were even some rains drops here and there and a little misting so that kept me comfortable.

I was keeping a good pace- about an 8:15 minute mile until right around mile 10 when my other ear bud gave up on me, and I was feeling it. I'd pretty much hit the wall and the only thing keeping me going was the thought that if I stopped, I'd never get going again. I think if my music had kept up I'd have done so much better!
At mile 11, Dale and Kassie hung out with the kids. There was a park right there that B and Mason played at while they waited for me to come around.

Mason begging for a ride on the swing.
Kassie and Brighton being silly.
Mason, happy to finally be swinging.
I heard about this tire swing from B on the way home. She was very excited about it.
She seems sad that I'm running, but her sign makes me happy. Apparently this was a very "hard to get shot" because B kept crying and throwing the sign down.
There's me, in the middle with the white baseball cap. And my awesome highlighter green shirt. It was the race shirt. No way I was going to miss out on that.
Saying "I love you" to the family. Only 2.1 miles to go- the longest 2.1 miles of my entire life!

I finished! Not as strongly as I'd hoped, but I ran the whole 13.1 miles. My goal was to finish under 2 hours and I did it in 1:50:49. Not too bad.

Once I was done, I watched and cheered the other runners for a while. And took some photos of crazy runners, like this one. She seems depressed. I'd probably hate myself for wearing this un-aerodynamic tutu, too (hehe).
This guy had no shoes on! Seriously? ARE YOU INSANE? 13.1 miles on bare feet. In the rain. Like 40 degrees outside. Insane.
Me and Kassie.
Me, Mason, Brighton (as happy as ever) and Dale.

Here's my race stats:
Overall: 391st place out of 985 runners
Females: 120th place out of 501
20-29 age group (men and women): 28th of 105
26 year olds (men and women): 7th place

Race time: 1:50:49 That's an average mile time of 8:28.
The average race time of the entire race/runners was 1:57:01. I beat that! Yay!
I did it! I was really proud of myself that day. So proud I went to Burger King after and ordered a Whopper.

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