Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brighton's First Ride On A Motorcycle

Ok, so she didn't actually ride it, but she got to sit on it, which was way cool for her. For some reason, she's always loved motorcycles. When they would drive past our house when she was smaller, she would run to the window to see them drive by and yell "motorcycle!" It was one of her first words.

I took a picture very similar to this when I was about Brighton's age. Remember Dad?

Jeff is a friend of ours, who came over for some random reason. We went out to say bye, and Brighton was so excited to see the bike. Jeff let her sit on it, and he even let her hold on to the handlebars.

Here's Jeff telling Brighton all about motorcycles.

Then she got to wear the helmet. As a hat aficionado, Brighton was in HEAVEN!

It was even cooler (if that's possible) with the visor down.

Then Jeff let Brighton sit on the motorcycle while he started it so she could hear how loud it was. If she could, she would say, "Best. Day. Ever."

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