Monday, August 13, 2012

Musings of a Kindergartener

Brighton said some pretty funny stuff in the last week as she's started up the routine of going to school. It's hilarious. I've only written down the big ones that stuck with me- there were honestly so many! If you haven't had your first day of school yet, keep a notebook handy to write down all the funny things your kids say. Too good.

M: How was your first day of school?
B: I said (very sassy-like with a hand on her hip), "I want my mom. And they wouldn't let me!"

She started school on a Monday and she has all day kindergarten. When I woke her up on Wednesday morning, I said, "B, we've got to get up and get ready for school (in a lovely sing-song voice that ANYBODY would want to get woken up to, honestly)!"
B: Mom... if I go to school so many days, I don't have any days to play!

She forgot she had a lunch on the first day. I asked her what she ate because the ENTIRE lunch was still in the lunch box. She said she had a tortilla with all the other kids who had tortillas, too (apparently there were burritos...?). And "the lady gave [me] a banana even though [I] didn't take one." Then she thought she'd get into trouble if she got out of line to get it from her backpack on Tuesday. She finally ate her own lunch on Wednesday. I made her carry it in and ask her teacher where she could put it so she didn't forget again.

She has informed me that she eats lunch in the "factory."

Here's a picture of B doing her homework.

The conversation in the car ride home went something like this:
M: Ok B, when we get home, we need to do your homework.
B: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's silly, mom. (in her really good, really cracking up, she'd be rolling on the floor if she wasn't still strapped to the car seat, laugh) Work is for grown-ups! NOT KIDS!
M: Yes, work is for grown-ups. HOMEWORK is for kids in school.
B: oh. that doesn't make any sense!
my thoughts: I know, B, I know...

And finally, one story from the classroom:
B: The girl needed help writing her name.
M: Did the teacher help her?
B: Yes.
M: Did you write your name?
B: I pretended I didn't know how (all smiles and sneaky). I tricked her (SMILE!!!)
M: Brighton, you DON'T pretend to not know things at school. You HAVE to do all the things the teacher asks and ALL the things you already know.
B: ok, mom... 
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SeeJulieStamp said...

Love her! I completely agree with her school vs. days to play comment and her homework comment. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome stories! So cute. I loved it. :) - Shanna

Brianne said...

She is too funny. I'm glad you're writing it all down.

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