Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dress Up!

She's already dressing up as the princess bride, what am I going to do with her?! Brighton didn't mind having it on her head, she just wasn't too sure about the veil.
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We went to Target today and Brighton got to use the shopping cart cover mommy made for her for the first time! If you don't look too close, it turned out quite nicely.
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Skeet Shooting

Dale went shooting a few weekends ago with the Young Men and Young Women from church. They had so much fun shooting clay pigeons. Dale and another guy were in charge of clean-up- shooting what the kids missed. He can't wait to go again!
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Chubby Bunny!

Brighton is going to hate, HATE me for this picture but it couldn't be helped. Her fat thighs are just so cute! Don't you just want to pinch each little wrinkle?
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Sawyer on the Slide

He was a little hesitant at first, but after a good shove from Dale, Sawyer went down the slide and was very proud of himself.
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With Daddy On The Slide

Dale took Brighton down the slides and she had loads of fun! Sawyer (in the background of the first picture) was a little jealous though...
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On the Swing

Hopefully this works. I know it's sideways, but that couldn't be fixed... I'll do better next time. I just had to share this, and you can just turn your head sideways and it's all good! PS- Turn up your volume.

On The Swing

We went to the park down the street from our house on Sunday after church. Dale was pushing Brighton so fast and I was standing in front getting these awesome pictures! She just loves swinging!
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Little Denim Dress

About a month before Brighton came out, I found this dress for a steal. I loved it and have been waiting for her to finally be able to wear it. She looked so cute for church with her silver shoes that finally fit too!
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So this past Memorial Day weekend, JoAnn's was having a sale on their patterns, $1 each. ONE DOLLAR! I know it's crazy, so I went a little crazy. Dale thinks I went a little overboard, but hey, they were only a dollar and they'll be great to practice. I have a few dresses to try and make for myself, some curtain patterns, tons of dresses for Brighton- as well as other little kid stuff, and some crafts. Yay!
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We Love Tiaras!

We do, we love them. Tiaras make you taller! Brighton even has a matching crown barrette!
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This is Brighton eating her very first piece of toast. She's not too sure about it...
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My Quilt

It took me a couple of days to finally get all the pieces cut for my patchwork throw that I'm working on. Then, it was quite a chore to actually piece it all together. Now I'm working on putting all the layers together, the backing, batting and then the patchwork part. I'm trying to "quilt" it and not tie it together, so I'm not sure how long that is going to take me. Maybe I'll have the finished picture on here next year...
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sun Bathing

After church and lunch, we went outside to enjoy some nice sun shine. Brighton wasn't too sure about the sun- much too bright for her eyes that haven't seen it yet- or her hat, but she kept it on for a little while. I just love summer!
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Kaylin had fun walking around the gym.

Brighton took a ride on the blue whale.

The girls were playing before we went on our walk by the river.
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Brighton wasn't too sure when we put her on the top of the slide, but she was happy once she was down! Kaylin was showing off her great slide skills, going down and trying to climb back up!
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After dinner at the park, we went and played at the playground. We weren't sure how Brighton was going to take to the swings, but she actually loved it. She was smiling and kicking her legs like crazy. Eric was pushing Kaylin so high!
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Picnic Dinner

We went and had a picnic dinner with our great friends Eric, Bri and Kaylin to enjoy the nice turn in weather we're having here. The little ladies enjoyed their dinner outside.
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