Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jungle Animals Baby Shower

I know, it's been forever! But I've still been busy with crafts, and we're still alive, I promise. I've been excited to share this stuff with you- and literally, this post has been a month in the making. Where has all the time gone?

I threw a baby shower for a friend that I used to work with at the groom shop. She's due in December, so we didn't even know what she was having yet! (It's a girl, we know now.) She's decorating the nursery in a jungle animals theme, so we threw a jungle party!

I worked on this diaper cake for a few weeks! Have you seen how ridiculously expensive these things are? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I loved going shopping for animal print stuff the whole month before the party.

I used (I think, if I remember right) one box of diapers for the cake. I didn't roll them all up separately with rubber bands like some I've seen, but more like a fabric jelly roll (you can kinda see it in another picture). I covered the bottom layer with some receiving blankets I found at Target. The second layer is some bibs.

Embellished a little with ribbon and paper and animal toys.

I made these burp cloths with the extra receiving blankets and cloth diapers.

And this tag blanket for the little one to play with. These topped the cake.

You can see how the diapers were rolled together here. And the tag blanket tucked inside. I put a circle piece of card board between the layers, with a hole in the middle. In the hole I put toilet paper cardboard tubes to hold the layers together (each layer of diapers had a hole for the tube to go in).

And then, of course, there's my ACTUAL gift for the mom-to-be. I made this pacifier clip with a suspender clip. Isn't that a cute pacifier?

Sorry about this picture, I cannot get it to flip the right way! But I dyed this onesie and painted the bananas on. I thought about putting "this $h!t is bananas" on the butt, but wasn't sure if that'd go over well. Dale talked me out of it, really. I should have done it...

And then I made this blanket with the receiving blankets and fleece.

Found some animal type cards, books, toys, q-tips, more diapers, shoes, etc., and put it all in this cute animal print tote.

The shower turned out really cute, we decorated with stuffed animals, rope, and streamers and ate yummy food! Thanks for letting me throw your shower Sarah!

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Brianne said...

Wow. That is over the top. Everything is amazing. I love it!