Monday, September 6, 2010

Ragnar Relay 2010

We met up in Bellingham, WA Thursday night, the night before the race, for a team meeting and pasta party. The family got to come too! Mason and Brighton had a lot of fun playing on the exercise equipment.
Brighton, sweating it out on the elliptical.

12 people, 2 vans, 200 miles (ish), 24 hours.
Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat.
Our cute team in our "I eat, therefore I run" t-shirts. We were the "Eaters with a Running Disorder." Some are missing!
Side shot.
And of course, the butt shot. At least we all have decent rear ends or this could have been a disaster. It says "Eater, Runner."
This was the van I was in (with driver Mike, so named because there was a runner Mike)- Van #2. We were runners 7-12.
And the back- our runners falling over.
So, the dew melted off all our decorating during the night. Our driver Mike and his wife re-did all
the paint.
I actually think they made it better the second time around!
We had a 10 am start time. But since we were van #2, runners 1-6 had to get through their 25 or something miles before we even had to think about running. I was runner #7, so I was really nervous all day- the first one to go in our van! Here we are waiting for #6 to show up so I can take off for my 6 miles. I hit the road around 3:30 pm and it was toasty!
So close! This water was what kept me going. Can you just see the beautiful condensation all over it? It was fresh from the ice chest.
Seriously! It was so warm that day. Who knew water could taste so good? I finished my 6 mile run in 52:30 and then it was time for me to kick back and relax while everyone else went. (It was nice being first, I'll admit it!)
We were running through gorgeous areas! The race starts in Blane, WA, near the Canadian border, and goes south to Whidbey Island (189 miles).
So many cool team names! Here's one we especially loved- Choose to Run.
Me, Jennifer and Jay. Jennifer had just finished I think, and Jay was still awaiting his turn.
Me, Jennifer, Runner Mike (from DC!) and Jay.
I just really liked this picture of Jay, and the cows following him along the fence. Kinda creepy.
Jennifer, me, Francys (who is runner #1, getting ready for Jay to stroll through the exchange),
and Melody.
And now the night runs, leg #2, begin!
We got the call around 12:00 am that Rob was speeding his way along (runner #6). Seriously, he was waiting for me for a few seconds at the exchange! At 12:30 I lept out of the van and booked it! Don't I look hot in my vest? The night run was the longest of my legs: 8.7 miles, which I did in
1:13:24. Lady Gaga kept me company.
Van #2, last legs, 10 am, Saturday morning. Waiting for runner #6 to come through the exchange. At this point I've had literally no sleep for over 24 hours, eaten a few bananas and bagels, was so nauseous I was thinking of not even running my last leg, and wondering why in the heck I would torture myself like this!
Jay was wondering too, why I did this to myself, and laughing at me. I don't feel too well in this picture and I'm not excited about this last leg!
But I'm competitive, and I told myself I could do. I knew I would be so proud to finish. I bit the bullet and took off!
A few weeks before, Dale and I had driven my legs just to get familiar with where I was going. This was the one I was so looking forward to. I was running through some farms, along the water, up and down some hills- truly gorgeous. And I finished! My last leg was 6.3 miles and I did it in 1:00:40.
Yay! I'm done!
Not feeling too well, but still looking fabulous!
We all crossed the finish line with Jay, and our team captain, Cara, leading the way.
We did it!
Not as climactic as we'd hoped- we were all just a bit frazzled by the end.
Not so much we couldn't get a team shot by the Ragnar Van!
And a fun one, too!
Yes, I'm awesome.

I had so much fun, even with the no sleep and feeling icky. I made some new running friends (I only knew 2 other people before the race) and I ran 21 miles! I don't think I'll ever get tired of telling people that :) I had so much fun I'm already signed up for next year's Ragnar NW!


Brianne said...

Yea, Kim! You are awesome! That *almost* makes me wish I could run. Were any members of your team from Bellingham? I think I kind of recognize a couple of them, and obviously Cara knows lots of Bellinghamsters.

Laura said...

Great pictures! You're amazing Kim!