Saturday, September 25, 2010

Silver Lake #1

Kassie and I took the kids to Silver Lake in early August. We had a ton of fun, and here's just some of the cute shots we got that day. Nicole and Jessica, remind me to get you the pictures of you and your kids- there are some great ones.

Mason hadn't quite learned to walk at this point, so he was itching to get crawling around in the sand. Kassie was having none of that!

Brighton was having fun playing in the sand. She didn't really get how the sand shapes were supposed to work.

Thought this was a cool shot with the boats in the background.

Mason got away! But they had fun with a game of chase.
For some reason I can't add more pictures to this, so there are a few more Silver Lake posts to follow. To be cont'd again and again and again!

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

cute! And Mason's hair in the last picture is so perfect!