Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day in Seattle

My best friend, Brandy, came to visit me all the way from Georgia, and Kassie and I had a great day in Seattle with her.

The morning started off wonderfully at the Pacific Science Center at the Harry Potter Exhibit. I'm not going to hide it- I'm a Harry Potter nerd. That's right, I like to read little kid's books. And so do Brandy and Kassie.
It was a bit smaller than I expected, so I was just a teensy bit disappointed, but still glad we got to go.
The we wandered around the Space Needle a bit and had a photo shoot. I don't remember what exactly Brandy was doing here...
Kassie and Brandy, looking as needle-like as ever.
It was really cold out so Kassie and I snuggled close for warmth. Then we decided to go get hot chocolate at Starbucks.
After the Space Needle and hot chocolate, we headed over to my new favorite place, The Crab Pot! Kassie and I scarfed down our own weight in crab legs and Brandy had a burger. I did get her to try a little bit of crab though, so it wasn't totally wasted on her. (JK Brand-eye, you know I love you and your weird ways.)
I'd never been to the gum wall, so we had to go check that out and make a contribution. Seriously, I felt so dirty just standing in that alley. There was a wedding party taking pictures while we were there. Seriously? I would never take pictures here- well, for a wedding. I would for any other time, obviously. I was looking for a good spot where I could make absolutely certain I wasn't going to touch anyone else's gum.
The lights in the alley were so cool. (Does it have a special name? I don't even know.)
Funny story about this picture:
I was taking pictures of Brandy, and then of Brandy and Kassie when a man offered to take our picture so the three of us could get together. Now I don't want to be discriminating, and I'm going to remain PC here and not tell you the color of his skin. Or that he seemed a bit off. Which I didn't notice until my SLR $1,000 camera was in his hands. I showed him how to look through the window and adjust the lens to focus, and then push the button. Pretty easy, right?

The guy starts stepping back once, then twice. I'm telling him to just focus with the lens. He doesn't say anything, just takes another step back and another. I'm starting to freak out (I'm getting sweaty hands just typing this right now!) and I just tell him it's not a big deal and hop on over and grab my camera. I don't know what was going on, but I have my camera still, so that's good. Then a nice white man who worked right there at the market asked me if we'd like him to take it and he took this fine picture.

I'm not racist, really. That guy made me REALLY nervous!!!
Funny story about this picture too:
It was preceded by a long list of swear words because we drove around for like an hour trying to get on the stinkin' street to see the Freemont Troll. I don't know why I couldn't find it! Then as we give up and start heading home, there it is! It was the worst ending to a great day.

Thanks for visiting Brandy! I miss you!

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