Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. I miss my family year-round, but I definitely feel it the most when holidays and times for celebration come around. But it was nice to relax, hang out with Dale, watch movies, and play with Brighton all day! The garland above I made with this template. I love it! It's been hanging on our mirror in the living room since right after Halloween. I haven't decided if it's coming down in the next few days to make way for Christmas, or if I'll just leave it up. We can be thankful during Christmas, too, right?
This is Brighton and I at the table eating breakfast. Dale's family has a really fun tradition that I think we'll continue- they always ate pumpkin pie for breakfast. Trudy was telling me that she always felt that the pie was wasted because everyone got so stuffed on food that they couldn't find room for pie. The solution: have the pie for breakfast. Brighton thought it was a great idea!
Brighton fed herself some pie- we'd put it on the fork, and she'd eventually make it to her mouth. Sometimes she liked to put some on her finger and lick it off. I have some videos of her eating, but I'll put those up later. I don't really want to wait for the videos to load, but there's some good ones, so check back later!
The B-E-A-utiful chef, and our tiny meal for two and a half! We had some wonderful ham, with an oh-so-yummy brown suger glaze, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, some yams (of course, I don't know WHY I didn't like them as a kid- they're covered in marshmallows for goodness sake!), cranberry sauce, and flakey biscuits! We felt the effects of the food quickly and retreated to the couch for some more lazy vegging in front of the TV. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
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Brianne said...

What? No turkey???!!! Your dinner (and breakfast) looked delicious! I'm glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

Kim you amaze me. How can you look so nice for breakfast? You look like you are ready to go out on a date. I think that is great! I am sure Dale appreciates it too. Your Ham looks really yummy! We didn't do that this year but I always love the ham too.