Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Love Weddings!

While in Arizona, we got to go to a wedding reception. We had a ton of fun and B and M loved staying up late. I think Brighton's favorite part of the night was the dancing.

She got all the young kids to dance with her- even some of the boys :)

I have no idea who this girl is, nor does Brighton, but they still had fun!

Kaylee and I enjoying the food, of course. There were little mashed potato martinis and wine glasses with tomato soup and grilled cheese wedges- cute!

Mommy and Mason.

Brighton looking gorgeous (and probably giving me the puppy dog eyes for some reason I can't remember).

B showing off her mad dance skills.

Mommy, Brighton and Grandpa Rod.

The mother of the bride and my mom (they're BFF).

Bella Trois- Me, Kaylee, and Kassie (with the kiddos of course- Brighton had just been lost for a few minutes so she was distressed, as you can see).

Us girls with our girl! Congrats Jessie- we love you!

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