Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuff I've Made

I have been absent, but don't worry, I'm still up to my old habits of crafting. I'm just lazy and haven't posted anything.
So- here it is, a collection of the things I've made in the past few months. It's not much (well, not as much as I'd normally be cranking out).
I bought this dress while in AZ at Forever 21. It was $7 and a few inches too short. I hit up the Hobby Lobby near my parents' house and found a cute ruffle. The work was mostly done for me! I just sewed it along the bottom of the dress and the lining. Viola! Now I can wear it out without showing off too much leg!
I made this shirt for my sister for her birthday. She loves yellow and Anthropology. I searched their site for inspiration and came up with this. The knit was $1.50 in the remnants at JoAnn's and then I used lace, ribbon, a crocheted doily, and knit scraps to embellish it. Fab-U-Lous!

I made this dress for a birthday party/ charity event. I got the pattern from BurdaStyle, here. I got the fabric at the second hand store for $8. It's a somewhat stretchy suiting material.
And this is the back. I decided to go with a big jacket zipper on the outside (which I've seen on
the runway).
And finally, my jacket I've been working on since the fall. I had this totally cute white coat from Forever 21 that I loved, but it got some weird stains on it that wouldn't come out no matter what I tried. I bought this long wool trench coat at the second hand store for $12 to be my new coat and took apart my old one to use it as a pattern.
And here's the final product. A new white coat for me to love!


The O'Neils said... GOsh!!!! you are amazing :)

Brianne said...

Whoa. You amaze me. I love the black dress!