Thursday, May 19, 2011


It was another cold and wet Easter (surprise, surprise) and the kids were kinda sick so daddy stayed home with them from church. Mommy went in her fabulous red dress (I love LOVE this dress, I wish I could wear it everyday) and gave a talk and enjoyed church all by herself. But the Easter Bunny still came! Rain or shine, I love that rabbit. He actually called Dale while I was upstairs with the kids and told him that he just came, hid the eggs and left a surprise on the back porch.

The kids were so excited! Brighton got a big smile and was like, "what!? the Bunny was here, and I missed it?!" and ran downstairs. He left us some baskets full of fun stuff!

There were recorders (you blow in the other end, Brighton),

And darts (not for your ear, mister).

And some yummy treats.

That bunny was so silly! He hid eggs in the house! In the kitchen,

Behind the chairs,

And even in the pantry.

Some of the eggs were filled with candy (that was probably too big for baby mouths. Think about that next year, bunny.)

And some had raisins and homemade chocolates!

We found all the eggs!

Time to play with our cool new toys!

These dart guns were such a huge hit,

Even dad wanted to play.

Hope you all had a fun Easter too! Family, we missed you!
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Jessica said...

kim you are one hot mama!! you look amazing and your kids are getting so big. I just wanted to say hello after checking out the blog. hope all is well.