Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kay's Visit

My li'l sister Kaylee came to visit at the end of March. Dale took some pictures at the park one of the days, and I just like these ones.

It's like GQ for babies... Seriously love this one.

Mason and Kay doing the scrunch face.

Mason giving hugs, with Brighton. And notice the couch- it's been sitting in my dining room for months! So glad it's done.
Brighton (with a cape today), Kay and Mason.

Kaylee cut my hair and colored it for me. She's so awesome.

I mean, yes, we're awesome.

Kay, I miss you! I had so much fun with you here- thrift store rummaging just isn't the same without you! I mean, it's still fun, and I'll go, but a little more fun with you around.

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