Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Birthday

Dale was out of town, new job training, and missed my birthday! So my gift to myself was hitting the road and visiting my family for a few days. Here are the highlights of the BIG NIGHT!
My mom decorates the little shelf behind us for every different holiday and birthday. This one is my own personal, turning 28 shelf. : ) And the traditional mom+me+cake shot.
B and M helped me blow out the candles. Lucky for me it was just the two candles. Twenty-eight little candles may have been too much for me!
The cake! Brighton specifically requested that we go to Grandma's and Grandma needed to get a cake. She told me not to make my own. : )
The kiddos eating cake.
B was really REALLY excited to have cake. She'd been asking for cake for a few weeks actually.
Us and our cake.
Present time! Modeling a necklace my mom gave me. I made her one almost just like this one for Christmas. Too funny! Kassie gave me a relaxing package- bath bombs, candle and a robe- along with a full body, hour long massage. She just graduated from massage therapy school. She's amazing! If you're ever in Phoenix, call me and we'll schedule you a massage. She's so worth every penny! Kaylee gave me a cute basket, fridge magnets that are farm animal heads (cute, sound weird, but cute), a way cute appliqued kitchen towel, and a book about making things out of books.

Mason- happy about the birthday cake! (He just came in, sat in my lap and says, "Me! Eating birthday cake. Eating your birthday cake, mom." Crazy to me that he remembered it was my birthday.)

Funny thing about it being my birthday: I got Brighton up in the morning and the first thing she says, "happy birthday mom." She wanted to wear her birthday shirt from her superhero party, so she did. Mason saw her wearing her shirt, so he wanted to wear his superman shirt. It was just so cute.
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SeeJulieStamp said...

Yay for cake! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Happy Birthday. Glad you go to spend it with family

Brianne said...

I'm so glad you're closer to your family so you can spend more time with them! That's so fun that the kids were excited for your birthday.

Jessica said...

Thank you for being so good about updating your blog... It made this 3am feeding much more enjoyable :-)