Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Week of Progress

Welcome to our home! Here's the progress from the last week:
Mason at the front door. I'll get some plants for my metal pots eventually. But my valentine's sign is up, so that's a success.

Come through the front door and turn right and that's where Mason is. There's a little hallway to the right. But I found a place for my little half circle table that had no home in our old house. I have two pictures like this gold framed one, and I'm still thinking about it, but I think they'll both go up on the wall right here. Now down the hall to the kids' rooms!

Here's B's room at the end of the hall. I haven't put up any decorations yet because I'm still waiting on a dresser to put in here. My mom has an old one that she's going to give me that will go right to the left of B's bed.

Coming back up the hall there's the 2nd bathroom, and that's not decorated at all, and then Mason's room. I have to find the rest of his decorations to hang up, but it's mostly done. My mom is going to give me my brother's old twin bed frame. Makes the cheapo in me grateful I never bothered to buy one for him : )

He's excited that he has room for his train table in here. These rooms are huge!

Heading out the hall again, you can catch a glimpse of my living room, but we'll go around the corner to my kitchen so you can see that.

I still have stuff on the counter that needs a home! I've boxed up things that I know won't go anywhere and they'll camp in the garage for now, or I'll just get rid of them, but there are certain things that I LOVE so they have to be in the house.

There's a little wall here that my hutch fits on perfectly.

I've hung my old living room curtains in the dining area because the window in the living room is WAY too big for them. I'm planning on hanging all my valances from the old house in here above each window. There are 5 more windows in this room!

Standing by my dining table, here's the view of the living room.

I've hung my big mirror on this wall- the laundry room is to the left and the master room to the right.

My master bathroom! Really big.

And there aren't any decorations in here because I never even got around to decorating my room at our old house. And there really isn't any other furniture in here besides some chairs, the couch and our bed. Oh, and Dale's big fat desk and my treadmill. I don't know if I'll even bother... : )

And that's it! Now I'm organizing the boxes in the garage and trying to find the few house things that I know are missing. But the house is livable and there are no more boxes in any of the rooms.
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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

way to go! Looks beautiful! I love all the space.

Brianne said...

Looking good! One of the perks of living near family is the free hand-me-down furniture. My sister is so jealous that I get everything, I tell her that she'd better move closer before I get it all.

SeeJulieStamp said...

Great progress! Love that I almost didn't see Mason in his bedroom, the curtains in the nook and the mirror with the wreath and bunting above it. Keep up the good work. :)

The Jackson Four said...

I love your new house. Such nice big rooms. Everything seems to fit great. We miss you. We had our first meeting at Nicole's yesterday, and it seemed weird to sit at a new table. We all had to find new seats. :)