Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hanging Out At Grandma's

Such beautiful weather, we have to soak it up while we can stand to be outside!
The kids put their feet in the pool (Mason got his pants wet, he doesn't normally run around with no pants on...). The water was freezing. I don't know how they could sit there as long as they did, but soon they were begging to jump in and go swimming. No way!

Stomping the water off.
Hanging out on a blanket, I was reading (attempting to read) while Mason told me about his cars. And you can see the giant desert tortoise behind me. I think he wanted to chomp off my toes. He kept coming around.

Mason was attempting to scare and attack me.
Sawyer, upper left, playing with his sister, Belle- upper right, and his brother Jack, bottom. They were ganging up on Melvin. Or is it Marvin? I can never remember the turtle's name.
Pizza night! We made three different kinds of pizza. The kids helped with the pepperoni pizza.
Brighton was probably begging to eat another pepperoni.
Mason made sure his dinosaur had some bites too.
And he had to taste test the cheese.
Little Miss B slurping up mozzarella.

My Birthday

Dale was out of town, new job training, and missed my birthday! So my gift to myself was hitting the road and visiting my family for a few days. Here are the highlights of the BIG NIGHT!
My mom decorates the little shelf behind us for every different holiday and birthday. This one is my own personal, turning 28 shelf. : ) And the traditional mom+me+cake shot.
B and M helped me blow out the candles. Lucky for me it was just the two candles. Twenty-eight little candles may have been too much for me!
The cake! Brighton specifically requested that we go to Grandma's and Grandma needed to get a cake. She told me not to make my own. : )
The kiddos eating cake.
B was really REALLY excited to have cake. She'd been asking for cake for a few weeks actually.
Us and our cake.
Present time! Modeling a necklace my mom gave me. I made her one almost just like this one for Christmas. Too funny! Kassie gave me a relaxing package- bath bombs, candle and a robe- along with a full body, hour long massage. She just graduated from massage therapy school. She's amazing! If you're ever in Phoenix, call me and we'll schedule you a massage. She's so worth every penny! Kaylee gave me a cute basket, fridge magnets that are farm animal heads (cute, sound weird, but cute), a way cute appliqued kitchen towel, and a book about making things out of books.

Mason- happy about the birthday cake! (He just came in, sat in my lap and says, "Me! Eating birthday cake. Eating your birthday cake, mom." Crazy to me that he remembered it was my birthday.)

Funny thing about it being my birthday: I got Brighton up in the morning and the first thing she says, "happy birthday mom." She wanted to wear her birthday shirt from her superhero party, so she did. Mason saw her wearing her shirt, so he wanted to wear his superman shirt. It was just so cute.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Backyard

The kids have been loving playing outside. They literally spend all day out in the sun. They brought their chairs out to enjoy the good weather.

I took a few shots around so you can see that there is really just rocks back here. I guess there are a few plants too. And some AZ trees.

From the corner of the yard.

One side of the yard has all these rocks and then this little retaining wall. The kiddos love climbing on these rocks and walking across the little wall.

Little Mason rockin' the flip flops. He's very excited to wear his sandals.

Brighton asked me to take her picture and she posed just like this.

The houses behind us both have dogs so Sawyer was going to the fence to try and see his new friends.

Just in case you Washingtonians didn't know what this is: this is called the sun- I took a picture of it for you. It's warm and bright and lights up my whole house when I open the blinds.
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A Week of Progress

Welcome to our home! Here's the progress from the last week:
Mason at the front door. I'll get some plants for my metal pots eventually. But my valentine's sign is up, so that's a success.

Come through the front door and turn right and that's where Mason is. There's a little hallway to the right. But I found a place for my little half circle table that had no home in our old house. I have two pictures like this gold framed one, and I'm still thinking about it, but I think they'll both go up on the wall right here. Now down the hall to the kids' rooms!

Here's B's room at the end of the hall. I haven't put up any decorations yet because I'm still waiting on a dresser to put in here. My mom has an old one that she's going to give me that will go right to the left of B's bed.

Coming back up the hall there's the 2nd bathroom, and that's not decorated at all, and then Mason's room. I have to find the rest of his decorations to hang up, but it's mostly done. My mom is going to give me my brother's old twin bed frame. Makes the cheapo in me grateful I never bothered to buy one for him : )

He's excited that he has room for his train table in here. These rooms are huge!

Heading out the hall again, you can catch a glimpse of my living room, but we'll go around the corner to my kitchen so you can see that.

I still have stuff on the counter that needs a home! I've boxed up things that I know won't go anywhere and they'll camp in the garage for now, or I'll just get rid of them, but there are certain things that I LOVE so they have to be in the house.

There's a little wall here that my hutch fits on perfectly.

I've hung my old living room curtains in the dining area because the window in the living room is WAY too big for them. I'm planning on hanging all my valances from the old house in here above each window. There are 5 more windows in this room!

Standing by my dining table, here's the view of the living room.

I've hung my big mirror on this wall- the laundry room is to the left and the master room to the right.

My master bathroom! Really big.

And there aren't any decorations in here because I never even got around to decorating my room at our old house. And there really isn't any other furniture in here besides some chairs, the couch and our bed. Oh, and Dale's big fat desk and my treadmill. I don't know if I'll even bother... : )

And that's it! Now I'm organizing the boxes in the garage and trying to find the few house things that I know are missing. But the house is livable and there are no more boxes in any of the rooms.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burried Treasure

My Grandma sent up my Great-Grandma's china a few years ago and we just left it all in the boxes and Dale packed it up behind a whole bunch of his crap in the garage. Well, now with the move, I could get to the boxes and unpack all of it. I wasted time yesterday,not unpacking, but hand washing and drying all this stuff. It's actually really pretty and I could see myself using it. It's hard to tell, but the edge design is red and yellow, and the flowers are red, yellow, green and blue. They match my decor quite nicely.

There are 9 full place settings, but if I had a few more teacups and bowls then I'd have the full 12. I tried searching online (another hour, wasted) and it was really tough to find matching designs and see where this actually came from. I found a website that I can actually send them a picture of the design and the back of the plates and they can tell me what it is. The back just says the company!

I found one that looks almost identical (heck, it might even be except it's hard to see real coloring on the computer) and it was made somewhere around 1940 and was part of the company's new method of merchandising china by displaying them in the store in a few different sets. Maybe you fancy china people know this, but it's something I've never ever looked into. It's called Add+A+Place and I think my Great-Grandma bought each of the different groupings, because she has all the different serving dishes, and bought each place setting at $1.00 each. I'll have to do some more research. I think it would be really cool to find the missing pieces and have a full china set again.
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Umbrellas Have Another Use

The kids have been enjoying 70 degree weather in our rock filled back yard, spending the entire day outside digging and climbing and throwing the rocks. And we've found a new use for our umbrellas! They make perfect little shades.
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