Tuesday, June 16, 2009

28 Weeks Pregnant

Officially kick started the third trimester yesterday. Twelve weeks to go, and I can't wait! Little Mason (we've decided... for now) is kicking me like crazy all day long, but mostly right as I lay down to go to sleep. Who knew it would actually get easier to fall asleep with someone kicking your bladder and practicing karate moves in your belly? But my sleep hasn't really started to suffer yet, which is always nice.

I had my glucose test last week and I'm not diabetic! Not that I was worried, but it's nice to know. I did learn that I'm anemic, so I have to take iron suppliments twice a day. But that's what happened last time with Brighton, so nothing really knew for me. And as of last week, I'm going to the doctor every two weeks. I seriously can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going.

I've gained a total of 17 pounds so far. That's a few pounds more than I had with Brighton at this time, but what are you gonna do? My scale, which has always been a good friend to me, has become my enemy in the last few weeks. We bought a scale that tells you your BMI. Not that BMI is always completely accurate, but it was a nice feature. It finally decided to tell me that I was overweight. I know, I'm pregnant and not fat, but I really question our purchase nowadays. And my thighs are officially touching- I can't wait to get this little guy out and get back to normal!

But at least I'm not as huge and uncomfortable as some of my friends and other ladies that I've seen. I saw one who was 26 weeks along, and she looked like she was ready to get to the hospital any second. Oh, and I wanted to share this: I saw a button on one of my friend's blogs that said, "I'm so crafty, I make people" with a little pregnant woman. Too cute. So maybe I can claim I'm "so" crafty, too, even when I haven't done anything "crafty."
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Ashley Pollard said...

That's so exciting...I'm glad that you are not loosing any sleep...or maybe the second time around you just used to it! he he You look great and 17 pounds is nothing! I like Mason its totally cute...of course I love Logan too! he he (that one is close to heart!) And Brighton is a total cutie...she should meet Logan...they would be a cute little duo!

Me and My Family said...

Kim Kim Kim you look so cute! And for you to say your thighs are touching makes me sooo jealous! I don't remember the last time mine didn't touch! You look better than I do and I am not even pregnant. Good luck with your next 12 weeks!

Glazier's said...

Kim you look great! Your now in the home stretch. I hope it goes by fast for you.

The Lil Bee said...

Congratulations! You look great;)

28 weeks pregnant said...

Wow, It seems that he/she wants to get out already. Congratulations for you baby. I'm sure he/she is healthy! but it's such an amazing sensation, even when it wakes you up in the middle of the night.