Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Baby Stuff!

Dale stole the camera this past weekend for his YM camping trip, so I'm sorry for the long delay (MOM!) in posting these up. I finished the quilt on Friday- just in time to hurry and scramble something together early Saturday morning for Father's Day (before Dale got home). Is it anyone else, or did that holiday just creep up on you? I'll try to post up some pictures of that soon, but I have yet to take any...

I just quilted it with horizontal lines, nothing too outrageous. I thought about changing directions in each piece, but decided to make my life a little easier. I quilted it with the coordinating colors- light blue, white, cream, brown, and dark blue and kept the bobbin thread cream. The backing is the orange and cream stripe. Thanks again, Bri, for the idea to do the binding on the bias. I just wasn't thinking!
I used some of the left over scraps from the quilt to make this little pillow. I used a lumbar pillow while sitting in the rocking chair, nursing Brighton, so I wanted to make a new one to match the rest of the room. Plus, pink and green flowers don't go very well with blue and orange.
These are some decorating items I've been picking up over the last few weeks. The boat I got at Goodwill, I think, for $1. The little frame was from one of Brighton's baby shower gifts (that I never had a place for until now!). The whale, of course, from my sister. The lighthouse I found at a garage sale for $1. Finally settling on a name, I got the "M" from Michael's for 50% off! I just found the bird at the dollar store yesterday. The bottle in the back is from Goodwill too, $1.

When I was at Michael's I saw some bottles with twine glued around them, on clearance for $10. I figured I could do that myself!

Here's everything all prettied up! I have two wooden shelves that we've had no where to put until now. We'll stick those up on the wall in Mason's room, with all these fun goodies! The boat and lighthouse have been painted- not professionally, but they'll do ok. The bottle has some twine glued around it and I decoupaged some of the orange stripe fabric to the "M." I'm thinking all I need now is a nice starfish and another big shell.

I'm officially in nesting mode. I've starting pulling out all the newborn baby stuff and am getting ready to go. Too bad I still have like 10 and a half weeks. Well, 9 and a half if we induce... :)
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Me and My Family said...

soo soo cute Kim! I can't wait to see the nursery all done up! It is going to be adorable!!

Brianne said...

I have no words. I am in love with everything. The quilt turned out amazingly. I love the binding. I might need to hire you to do our baby's room ;-).

I love that you found the apples and pears fabric in a background! So cute!

emily said...

I'm really wishing we lived close together for sewing parties. I may just have to come visit when I decide to start our little family! :)

The O'Neils said...

I love it!!! You are so talented :)