Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newcastle Picnic

We drove down to have a picnic dinner with our great friends, the Stephens. The park is right on the lake and they have a fun little playground that the girls enjoyed so much! This was their favorite- a sort of train and they could sit in here at a "table."
Brighton and Kaylin peeking out of the caboose.
Eric, guarding all our stuff. And it looks like he's digging in a little early...
After a wonderful dinner, Bri and I got the girls into their swimsuits and set up to start playing in the sand! Brighton had her shoes on at first, then got sand in them, and that was NO GOOD! I took them off and she was a little unsure for about 30 seconds, and then decided it was so much fun digging in her toes and the shovel. Kaylin, who is a "shoe-keeper-on-er" even took her shoes off to play in the sand. Way to go!
The girls had to switch buckets and shovels several times- couldn't decide which ones they wanted- but it was a fun time with the Stephens! The weather has been wonderful and Saturday evening was no exception. Thanks for having us visit!

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Brianne said...

We had such a fun time. We are so glad you guys could come down!