Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday Sunshine!

Man, I am just lovin' this weather! Lots of sunshine and it's hot! Brighton and I are spending most afternoons outside, playing and having summer fun! Here's Brighton with her *new* outside toys!
We went garage sale hunting Saturday morning and picked up some great finds- Dale found old baseball cards, I got four embroidery books and 3 quilt pattern books, some fabric, new shoes for the little boy, some old dress shirts to alter into summer dresses for Brighton, a new shirt for me, an apron for B, these two riding cars, a plastic green bucket that I thought would be great for B to hawl around rocks, and a wooden lighthouse that I'm going to paint for the baby's room. I think that's it... but we only spent $26.50! I love garage sales. And B has no idea that these toys aren't new- I think that's what I love the most. Whenever I tell her we're going to go outside, she says, "outisde, cars" because she knows she gets to play with them!
I put out the sprinkler so the kids could cool off. Sawyer was looking a little hot and ran through a few times himself.
B loves the sprinkler!
She kept running back and forth, laughing and shreeking. It was such a fun afternoon!
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Me and My Family said...

very fun Kim. I am loving this weather too. And I am also waiting for my strawberries to ripen. Yours look delicious and I am jealous you already have ripe ones. My plants are loaded with green ones right now. I can't wait. I just finished planting zucchini, cantaloupe, and mini pumpkins in my little garden box too. We've broken out the kiddie pool too. Summer loves!