Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brighton's Fashion Corner

I'm copying you Bri!
I've decided to share some of Brighton's quirkier moments- ones where her fashion is, well, not exactly what I'd have her leave the house in. This is one of her latest fashion crazes that I like to call the "pageant" look- mostly just a crown. A sash may come later. On this particular day, I had a very hard time getting her to take it off for her nap.
I recently bought her the new shoes that she's wearing, for the winter. She wore them non-stop for a few days after I brought them home, running sprints across the living room. Then I hid them.
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Brianne said...

Love the tiara. I think you should let her wear it out in public. You can copy me anytime :-).

Jenny-Jenny said...

"then I hid them" hahahahahaahahahaha
That's hilarious!