Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mason's Birthday

It's tough juggling two! I've been MIA and missing my blog. I'm going through sewing machine withdrawls. (I'm thinking of bringing it downstairs just so it can hang out with me and the kid-lettes.) So just a quick update:

It's been two weeks since Mason's arrival and I figure I'd better write down what happened before I forget! I had my membranes stripped (more like whisked, but that's what they call it) on Monday August 24, 2009. Nothing happened all day and I felt totally fine. I'd heard that it could be painful and that there could be cramping and bleeding afterwards, but no sign of anything going on for me.
On Tuesday, Dale came home for lunch, which he hardly ever gets to do. I'd had a little bit of bleeding before he got home and called my doctor. She said to come in right away! I was uncrossing my legs, and crossing my fingers at this point.
I spent all of Tuesday having contractions every 2-3 minutes, with no progress. And I couldn't get an epidural because that would slow things down even more! Here's me and my sister, Kaylee (she decided she wanted to be there in the hospital when Mason arrived), in between some contractions.

Here's me trying to remember to breathe during a contraction.
Here's my belly button (it looks gross, huh? Luckily it never popped out) and the monitors that they had strapped to me all day.

Well, I spent the rest of Tuesday contracting and only dilating maybe another cm and no progress on effacing. I stayed over night, still hooked up, but with a muscle relaxer to help me get some sleep. The next morning they gave me a little bit of pitocin, and I went right into labor. My doctor broke my water around 8:45 am on Wednesday morning, and then I dilated and effaced the rest of the way in 15 minutes. (I really like inducing,pitocin is my best friend.)
I finally got that much needed epidural at 9 am and Mason popped out at 11:01 am. So not really so bad once labor actually started. Here's me finally relaxing a bit.
Here's my beautiful little boy! Ok, so he's not so pretty in this picture, but I still think he's as handsome at ever! And the doctor already fixed his hair for me. Rockin' the faux hawk.
Right after delivery: Me, Mason, Daddy and Dr. Hoffman.
Kaylee and I right after delivery.
Dale and Kaylee went and picked up Brighton from a friend's house to have her come and meet her baby brother. She even brought her own baby along. We're twinners!
A family photo- we never get these because it's always Dale or I behind the lens.

Brighton giving Mason his first kiss (Well, from her. I'd been kissing him for a few hours by this time...)


Brianne said...

Yea for pitocin! I'm sorry you had to be at the hospital for so long. Love the contraction picture, makes me so excited for my own upcoming labor ;-). The picture of you with the oxygen mask reminded me of how much I loved that thing (seriously). Yea for Mason!

Mama J said...

AWWWW!!!!! Congrats on your Lil man! He is sooooooo cute! You look fab in your pics too!

nikki_ty said...

I'm sorry you had to be in the hospital that long before anything happened. I hate just sitting there...waiting. Thanks for sharing your story. Is your sister still here?

Jenny-Jenny said...

You look great throughout it all. Good Job and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you and having to go through all of that for so long! But what comes at the end is wonderful and all that pain must have been for something!

Lisa said...

Wow, what a major pain (no pun intended) I still can't believe that happened 48 hours after we saw you.

Congrats again on your grogeous little man!!