Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Family Visits!

After Kay left, I had a few days by myself to try and take care of the little kiddos. Dale went out of town and left me, what was he thinking?! But then my mom and little sister Kassie came to visit!
Kassie cuddling with Mason.
Oh, there's mommy and Mason! See? I AM alive and surviving! (Barely)

Doesn't he have the most mreshess toes!
This is a cucumber from our garden. Mason weighs 8 lbs. Too bad we didn't weigh the cucumber- it's huge!
Don't they look so much alike?
B and Aunt Kassie.

Thanks for coming Kassie! Wish you could have stayed longer. We could have watched Lost a few more times...

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Brianne said...

That's so fun that Kassie could come too. I'm glad to see some pictures so that I know that you're still alive since I haven't talked to you in over a week!