Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pay It Forward Gifts #4 and #5

No, I did NOT work on these since Mason's arrival. They've been sitting in my craft room for ages. I used this tutorial to make some luggage tags and handle wraps for both Kim and Lauren. I wanted to do something different for each of them, but this really seemed perfect for two world travelers who are always on the go. What better way to make sure you don't waste time looking for your luggage?! Hope you like them Kim and Lauren!

If you use this tutorial- beware! The handle wrap measurements didn't fit around any piece of luggage that I own. I used two fabric pieces that measured 5"x7" instead of 5"x5" as the tute says. Just thought I'd save you some time and fabric and batting and Velcro.

That's it for my Pay It Forward gifts. Thanks so much Jessica for getting me roped in, and to everyone who crafted for others. I had a lot of fun trying new techniques and making fun things that I normally wouldn't have gotten around to make for myself. Perhaps it will come full circle again, and we can have a another go!
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THE LEWIS' said...

wow you are so good. i promise yours is coming. i am kind of intimidated to do one for you since you are just well, AMAZING. i have you and my sister in law to get a gift to. I PROMISE it is coming. you look amazing and mason is soooooo stinkin adorable. enjoy this time even though you are so tired and feel like you dont know what way is up, they get so big so fast. i cant even believe cole is almost 1 1/2.