Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brighton's 2nd Birthday

Brighton turned two on Saturday. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. People always say they grow so fast and it is SO true.

My parents sent B a gift card to get a special toy that she's been NEEDING lately. I set it all up on Friday night so that she could come downstairs Saturday morning and be surprised by her accessories set for her baby doll. Now Mason doesn't have to share all his stuff with B's baby- she's got her very own!
Her baby waited patiently all night for B to come down and start playing!

She was so excited to have a stroller! This is mostly why we got the set- she loves to push around Kaylin's stroller, the neighbor girls' strollers, and even her own big stroller.

Feeding her baby in the high chair.

So happy and excited for new toys!
It was a cold day, so Brighton only wore her shirt for her birthday outfit. Maybe she'll wear it to church soon.
After seeing her new toys, Dale took B to get some donuts for breakfast. She doesn't really like cake, so we figured she might like to try a donut. She ate a few bites and then just wanted oatmeal (I really couldn't be more proud!).

As our gift to Miss B we decided to take her to the zoo.We checked out some goats...
And the farmers' market...
and B even took the tractor for a spin.

We watched the hippos swim...
And saw a baby giraffe.

We saw some monkeys...

And elephants!

But Brighton really only liked the elephant statue (actual size of a newborn elephant!)

See what I mean about the stroller pushing thing? She did this most of the day. You'd have thought THIS was the birthday present, not the zoo.

And finally, some orangutans.

We had a great day! Happy 2nd Birthday Brighton!

Brighton's Two Year Stats: 35.5 inches tall and 27 pounds


emily said...

Ummmm...I can't believe you have a 2 year old and a 2nd child!!!! Wasn't it just yesterday that we were having dance parties in our skibbies!? Your family is beautiful!!! Lots of love!!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

WOW! Happy Birthday Brighton! Also Kim I got your ABC book all bound together and I also found a present that Brighton made for you while you were in the hospital with Mason. I will have to drop them by some time.