Friday, October 2, 2009

Mason's One Month!

I can't believe it's already been a whole month since Mason was born. The time has really flown by- two keeps you busy! We've had a great first month and everyone is adjusting well to the newest member of the family.
Brighton is such a great big sister! She loves to help mommy, whether it's putting Mason's pacifier in (with a reminder to BE GENTLE!), pushing him in his swing (not so fast Brighton!), playing with him (Stop poking his eyes!), or just holding him (this one's ok, she just tends to hog him for over 45 minutes- no joke!)
Mason was blessed at church on Sunday by daddy, and he did a great job! I thought Dale sounded nervous, but he said he just kept getting distracted because Mason was "letting 'em rip" the whole time.

This is what he wore for his blessing (above). I bought a really cute white sweater vest for him to wear, but it was so big he looked ridiculous. So, no sweater. And I ended up making his pants because the ones that I bought were huge! My little man is so skinny! Like father, like son.
Mason actually enjoys tummy time (Brighton would scream the whole time). He's already scooting himself across the floor and can lift his head up. Brighton loves to watch him and try to shove that pacifier in his mouth.
Here's my little man!

We went to the doctor on Wednesday for his one month appointment. Sadly, Mason is failing to thrive, and weighs the same as he did when he was born- not good after 5 weeks. The doctor has suggested supplementing with formula, but I'm a breast milk all the way kind of mom. So we invested in a breast pump and I've been alternating pumping and feeding ever hour and a half to get my supply up. I'm thinking he's just a lazy sucker and may end up needing to be bottle fed.

I'm also taking all the dairy out of my diet for the next little while to see if he might just be lactose intolerant and not digesting everything well enough. And no dieting! Not that I've worried about that yet, but now I really have to make sure I'm not counting calories and try to eat several meals throughout the day.

But you'd never know that he was hungry- he hardly ever cries! And he's already a great sleeper (in his own room for the last 3 weeks!). We've had our nights, but he's typically awake during the day and stays sleepy at night. He's actually going 5 hours between the middle of the night feeding and early morning one which allows me to get some sleep.

So, I'm running off about 3-4 hours of sleep a night- not my 10 that I was getting before his arrival. It's in my best interest to fatten him up so I don't go crazy, my skin will actually start clearing up, and I can have energy to squeeze in a run or workout at some point.
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ty + nikki said...

That's a little stressful, I'm sorry! He looks happy, if that counts for anything! Good luck fattening him up - take it easy and enjoy him!

Brianne said...

I love the picture of the two kids together!

Bummer about the failure to thrive thing. You'd never know it since he doesn't seem to cry or want to eat all the time. Hopefully you can get it all taken care of quickly. Our friend whose baby had that ended up supplementing with formula but was still able to nurse her baby. Hopefully you won't have to switch to all bottles!

Glazier's said...

Both kids are so adorable Kim! It sounds like Mason is a really good baby. I had to do the breast pump thing for the first month with Olivia to boost my supply which I think I will do with my next one.

Fashism said...

Kim, you've got to be kinding me. This boy is "so freakin cute" I can't even stand it!!! I couldn't hold my smiles and giggles in while seeing these pictures of him!! HES SO ADORABLE!! I miss him and just want to hold and cuddle him. The outfit he wore is "so freakin cute" too. Great job with the pants. I miss and love you!

Anonymous said...

Clayton was a lazy eater too! I had to go to a lactition consultant because he wasn't eating good at all! Aubrey on the other had just goes at it! He is too adorable Kim! Good job!

emily said...

I think most new mothers are probably cursing your name right now...the fact that he goes 5 hours a feeding at night is incredible!!! He is absolutely adorable and seeing Brighton with him is so precious. I'm sure she is one happy, helpful big sister!!! Love you lots! :)