Monday, October 26, 2009

Brighton's Fashion Corner

Just some more random tidbits of the life and style of Brighton:
Wearing mommy's sunglasses. She was telling us how "gorgeous" she looked.
Helping mommy "make bread." I don't make bread all that often, but for some reason whenever she plays with a bowl and spoon, I ask her what she's making, and she says, "make bread." The fashion statement- two aprons are better than one.
She's wearing one of Mason's hats (it's a 0-3 month size and I have no idea how she found it), her monster jammies, and mommy's shoes. Fabulous! Complete the outfit with a matching sippy cup.
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Brianne said...

The last picture totally looks like something Kaylin would wear. I love the two apron look. I should try it sometime, I'm sure it keeps your clothes extra clean.