Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boy Gifts

My friend Laura is having her second boy here pretty quick, so I wanted to whip up something for her that might prove useful. She already has everything from the first boy- it's tough to think of new things to get for the second! I decided to try and make, what I've seen called "wet happened" bags. Never having seen one in person, just online, I just kind of went with it. I made the pouch (about 9"x14") and lined it with iron on vinyl. The only thing that stinks about the iron on vinyl, is that you can't put it in the washer. It has to be hand washed, or just wiped clean. Not so nice for a "blow-out bag," as I'm going to call it, but hey, it's something to put those dirty clothes in.
I did a freezer paper stencil on the front with a dirty onsie (as you can see). These things are great! This is where I first learned about freezer paper stencils, and I love them! You can draw your own pictures, trace photos, print off your computer onto the freezer paper, or if you have one (I don't, very sad), one of those Cricut thingys. Then, I made a burp cloth out of some of the left over fabric and a cloth diaper. Those things are great for burp cloths. Dale has requested that I made at least 10 for our new baby. I'm waiting to see what "it's" going to be before making them. So anyways, happy 2nd boy Laura!
I have another friend who's having a second boy... any good gift ideas?
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The Mabb's said...

Have you ever heard of a pee-pee tee-pee? I'm not sure how to make them, but it's like a little cloth triangle you put over the little boys...well... and then when you're reaching for the next diaper they don't fountain all over the place. I bet you could find what one looks like online.. :) I haven't had a boy, so I wouldn't know.. but they are pretty creative. :)

Kristin Mabb

The Mabb's said...

Here's a link:!4397&keyword=(pee-pee+tee-pee)&match_type=&9gtype=search&9gkw=pee-pee%20tee-pee&9gad=3274414437&9gag=329038381&gclid=CLWqrI67wZkCFRwwawoddD4vuQ

Jenny said...

you are so very clever

Laura said...

I LOVE the blow out bag and Dale is right.... you can never have enough burp cloths! When we found out we were having another boy I didn't think there was anything that we didn't have already that we needed but both you and Brianne have come up with such creative ideas that I had never even thought of! Such good friends!! Thanks!!!

nikki_ty said...

I don't know if you have ever seen bath towels made from a normal size bath towel and a hand towel to make the hoody part. They are really easy to make and you could do so much to make it cute and personalized. Let me know if you have any questions.

My blog is boring too. It loads faster that way. ;)

Brianne said...

I love the bag. The non-washable thing is what I dislike most about iron-on vinyl. Your stencil turned out great. I was also going to mention pee pee tee pees, but I see that someone beat me to it. Basically you take a circle of flannel, 7 inches in diameter, fold it in half right sides together and stich up the open curve (leave an opening for turning). Then you turn it right side out and press the opening closed. Then you form the tee pee part (just fold in half again) and stitch the side, making sure to catch the opening. Turn it inside out and you're done. If that didn't make sense let me know and I can email you a better tutorial.