Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our New Curtains!

I finished the curtains yesterday! Dale bought my sewing machine for my birthday LAST YEAR in the hopes that I would make him a quilt and some curtains. I have yet to finish that first quilt I started (I WILL one day) but finally got my butt in gear to pump these babies out! Here's some before pictures of the window in our living room. It's coming together, slowly, piece by piece.

We usually have this couch sitting in front of the window. I CAN'T WAIT to get rid of it, but until Dale agrees to buy me two nice new chairs (and NOT recliners) we're keeping it so that we have places for people to sit when they come over.
So now we've removed the couch so you can see the boring-ness of our wall. Can't wait to get some new chairs!
And, this is the best picture we could get last night, with only the lamps to light up the room. Of course, our house has no overhead lights that are built in. Why would anyone want that? EVERYONE wants to put a lamp at EVERY outlet just so that there's enough light to see in their own living rooms.
I'm not going to mention any names- he knows who he is. But SOMEONE decided to start drilling holes and hanging brackets without measuring or listening to how far out from the edge of the window I wanted these things to hang. So, that someone is going to have to take this down, fill in all those holes, paint over them, and drill some new holes for the brackets and then I'm going to have to refluff and rehang. But you get the general idea, and we wanted to share the new curtains with you. Instead of the tassels, I have some nice holdbacks that we're going to use- but I put a freeze on the usuage of the drill for the rest of the evening.

This was a chair posing for Dale. This chair (my favorite!) usually sits on the other side of the living room, but I used it to show Dale just how AWESOME it would be to have chairs instead of a couch. He also said all on his own (finally agreed with me) that anything bigger than this chair would be too big. GOODBYE recliners! I think it worked! I may get those chairs sooner than I thought!
And because it's hard to tell in the picture, this is the fabric that I used. It goes perfectly with the living room. Thanks mom! She gave us like 12 yards of this stuff that she had leftover from one of her own projects. You can't beat free. Feel free to come by and check it out!


Brianne said...

Your curtains look great! I can't wait to see them in person.

The Mabb's said...

I know you don't ME, but my husband is Steven (Scott) are linked on our blog, so he must know who you guys are! :) My name is Kristin. BUT, I am trying to make curtains too, and was curious how you got them to swag like that? WAY cute!! Also, your chair is SO nice! It actually looks just like a Scentsy warmer that is the "Warmer of the Month" right now. You can look at my website and scroll down half way to see a picture of it, but it looks exactly like your chair. For what it's worth... here's the link:
Random, I know, but I've never seen a chair like that! It's awesome!