Monday, March 23, 2009

Toy Picnic

I'm calling this Brighton's Toy Picnic. She has this weird thing about jackets. If her jacket is out, she wants to wear it. She'll bring it to me to put on, she'll walk around with it for a little, and then take it off only to bring it back to me to help her put on. The same goes for any of MY jackets that happen to hang out around the house, and not make it into the coat closet. She's sitting on one of my jackets in these pictures. She likes to sit at the bottom of the stairs, so she laid out my jacket (I helped, a little, when she got frustrated) and then started bringing over toys and books and her water. Then she crawled right in the middle of it all and hung out. Here she is showing me her "Happy Apple." This actually used to me MINE when I was a baby. Fun!
Having a great time with her toy picnic.
I liked this one because for some reason she decided it was necessary to put her hand behind her head while she drank.
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