Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kassie's 16th Birthday!

For those of you who know my family well, you'll understand my shock that my littlest sister, Kassie, just turned 16 yesterday. She's a baby for crying out loud! No way is she old enough to drive or date boys.
I looked through some of my old photos and had to scan a few to share with you of my littlest sister. This picture was my 18th birthday party with my family. From the left is Kassie (she's so little, only 10 years old), Connor (who is a huge kid now), me- of course, it's my birthday!- and Kaylee, who will be 18 in April. Weird.
Here's my high school graduation. Kassie's the little one in the front with the pigtails. Yes, she was young enough to get away with pigtails in those days. Not anymore...
This was a school picture that she sent to me when I was off to BYU. Look at how cute she is! And I didn't even remember that there was something on the back. But as I flipped it over on the scanner, lo and behold, a cute little note to her wonderful big sister. She's going to probably hate me for sharing this, but that's what big sisters are for, embarrassing the crap out of you on their blogs so the whole world can see what a cute little kid you were.
Gotta love those cute little notes we sisters leave for each other.

Just look at her now. I know, she's freakin' hot! But besides just being beautiful, Kassie is one of the most friendly and out-going people I know. She's a good friend, and a great listener. She's always got a great smile to brighten up your day, along with a cheery and bubbly personality. She is the salsa in our family- a little bit of attitude, but it just adds to the flavor! She is a spitting image of my mom, always able to think of others and be there either to help them, or just to love them. And even though she doesn't think so, she's very creative. She's just not a very good shopper... I love her so very much and am so sad that I'm so far away and can't be there for this very special birthday. But I want her to know how much I admire her and love her. Happy Birthday Kassie, Kasanova, Kasanoral, Kassanora, Kaz- Knock, Kaz-Knockty, Knock-tavia, Knockty Noche, Knockty Nips, Knochtacious, Knockty! Speaking of digging through old photos, and 16th birthdays, this is a picture of me and two of my good friends on my 16th birthday, Shera and Jessica. And that is my birthday crown, and I loved it.

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