Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Hike to Broadhead Lake

This past Saturday was such a beautiful day! It's been raining off and on and finally cleared up a little on the weekend. Dale and I decided we would take a drive and if we found a trail head that sounded interesting, we'd go for a hike. We all piled in the car and drove off! We came to a sign that said Broadhead Lake Trail, and we figured, hey, a lake is cool, let's go! Brighton was very heavy in the pouch. It was like being pregnant all over again, except now the baby weighs 20 pounds instead of 8. Dale took over the baby carrying on the way back out.

Brighton hanging out on daddy's back.

Sawyer got made fun of by some other hikers with a dog. They said Sawyer was probably mad that he was getting all dirty and wanted to go home and have a pedicure. Little do they know- Sawyer loved all the mud and puddles, and even went for a swim in the lake. But he DID come home and have a bath right away.

The two most precious things in the world!

I just loved this fallen tree.

Mommy and Brighton checking out the salamanders in the water. We also saw some frogs on the trail.

Daddy and Brighton. Look how green it is! Beautiful!

Brighton and Daddy by the lake.


Brianne said...

We did that hike with Kaylin last summer. Eric was taking the scouts camping there and wanted to check it out first. It's a beautiful lake.

Glazier's said...

Cute pictures. I can't believe how long your hair is.

Lisa said...

Your pictures make me miss Washington and most especially you guys!! Hopefully we will come down and visit soon...