Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who's Your Favorite President?

While the picture quality is very, very, VERY poor (the lighting in Dale's office stinks!) I wanted to show you all the pop-up card that I made for Dale today. Those of you who know Dale pretty well, know that he is a political junkie and has a man crush on Rush Limbaugh. (Though, I kind of have a bit of a crush myself, and might name a child after him.) He loved it! Dale and I wish that Rush would take the pay cut and serve in the White House, but we know that he's not electable. Oh well. I can dream, and I put him in the White House myself. But, for a back-up, I stuck in the lesser of two evils, Sen. John McCain. If you want to put your own pop- up candidate in the pop- up White House, check this out.
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Brianne said...

You are hilarious!