Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mason's 5 Months!

Mason turned FIVE MONTHS yesterday! Seriously, where has the time gone!? By the time I get out my camera to take a picture of him, another month has passed. Poor second child gets neglected. I thought I'd be good about it since he's a boy, but no. I'm lazier than ever.
Mason has had an awesome month! His eczema has cleared up for the most part. We still put lotion on him twice a day, but he hasn't had any rashes since we shaved his head last month. Maybe he's allergic to his own hair? At least he's boy and will have short hair anyways.

He's still eating just 4 times a day, about 8 ounces of formula each time. I've fed him rice cereal every now and then, just to get him used to it- nothing consistent. But the last couple of days he's been getting hungry earlier than normal so we've decided that now the cereal is necessary to keep him full. He's actually had it twice a day for the past three days. He's a fatty.
Mason loves to roll over and over and over, suck on everything he can fit in his mouth, suck on everything he CAN'T fit in his mouth, laugh at Brighton, and to have his tummy tickled.
He rolls EVERYWHERE! He keeps getting stuck under chairs and the couch, banging his head into walls, and getting caught up under the coffee table. (Is it still a coffee table if you don't use it for coffee? Or even drink coffee?)
I know all these pictures are the same, but I couldn't pick a favorite so you'll have to suffer through it! This one is kind of sweet-the tilted head. He looks so innocent. "I don't need to take a nap mommy. I'll just stay awake all afternoon and you can hold me. Doesn't that sound so much better than scrubbing toilets or exercising? I thought so..."
Ok, I can't load more pictures on this post, so bear with me, to be cont'd...Posted by Picasa

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

cute. I love all the pictures too. I'd have a hard time choosing just one myself.