Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mason's 5 Months! Cont'd

Ok! Here's some more!
Mason is actually doing much better at sleeping lately. We haven't had the baby monitor on at night for about a week and he hasn't woken up! And he's decided he likes sleeping on his tummy, so that has helped keep him asleep for his naps during the day.

He's almost out of 3-6month clothes! We're packing every thing up as he wears it and it gets washed, and getting the next size hung up in his closet and ready for him.
Look at that handsome face! I don't even mind the drool all that much. Mason has also decided that he loves my hair. He's finally gotten to that point where he just wants to hold it, stroke it, laugh when it tickles his face, eat it, and yank an entire handful out. I'm pretty close to chopping it all off, actually.
I took this one this afternoon at lunch time. He just thought he looked so tough in his skull bib mommy made for him.

Happy 5 months Mason!
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Brianne said...

HE IS SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!! Note to Mason: Please nap. Thank you.