Sunday, September 25, 2011

Extreme Makeover- Wardrobe Edition

My goal this year was to go through my closet and get rid of stuff I didn't wear anymore, to try to not wear the same thing twice and to try and use what I had on hand. I've tried to breathe new life into my "oldies but goodies." Anyway, here's just some of the good stuff I've made over the past several months.
I bought this collar at an antique store in AZ over Christmas. I had a vision for it, but it took me a really long time to find just the right shirt for it.
And then there it was! I found this it the thrift store (originally from Walmart, I think). I sewed the collar to the neckline...
And then cut the fabric away so that the collar was now the new neckline. And since it's knit, I didn't have to worry about finishing the edge- yay for easy!
I really love this shirt! The sleeves were a little too baggy for me, so I made a little pleat and added a button.

I really liked this shirt from Anthropologie:
Simple, yet different. But I was NOT about to spend $60 on it.
Dug through my lace to see what I had and found these!

Dug through the closet to see what I had: a shirt I bought at the thrift store (from J. Crew!) several years ago and hadn't worn for a VERY long time.
Add a little fabric glue, and done! Now I have a shirt that I will actually wear.
(Note about the fabric glue- I love LOVE using it for quick things that seem too difficult or shaped funny to sew on. I've washed things inside out just to be safe, but haven't had any problems with lace or embellishments coming off.)

Another oldie from the closet that I hadn't worn in well over 2 years. I held onto this shirt because it's my only plain red one- but I guess it was just too plain because I never wore it!

I found these lace collars at Value Village for $1 and glued them on with the fabric glue. I added a chain and some buttons just for a little more of a punch.
Up close view.

I've really enjoyed trying to make things work in my closet and seeing how creative I can get with both embellishing stuff I don't wear any more as well as my actual outfits. I've hit up the thrift stores and consignments, as well as department stores' clearance racks, so I haven't been on my best behavior but I'm proud to say that so far this year, I've worn several things more than once, but haven't worn the same outfit twice.

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emily said...

Can you please come to my house for a few weeks and redo my wardrobe!!?! I LOVE your style! :)