Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mason's 2nd Birthday

Dale's parents came to visit us on Mason's birthday weekend, so we got to actually have a real party!
We started the afternoon of fun at Jungle Playland. I haven't taken the kids there for well over a year, and Mason's now at the age where he can actually appreciate it.
They had fun climbing in all the tunnels, going down the slides, and playing in the ball pit. Also, this giant monkey head.
Mason found the cars, of course.
And the lion.
Then Brighton and Dale played Whack the Alien.
Mason had a turn, too.
Grandma Trudy and Grandpa John! We're so glad you could celebrate with us!

We finished the evening off with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. We ate and spent lots of tokens and got a few tickets- enough for some prizes. We got home too late to do cake and presents, so we saved that for the next day. Lucky Mason- two days of Birthday fun!
Alright, birthday continued: Money! Dale wants to get him a wagon. I'm not sold on the idea...
And then he got a new Mater tow truck and Lightning McQueen. He loves cars- especially their tires. He just says tires, over and over again.
And a whole bunch of army guys!
There's Mater and McQueen again. (He sleeps with them at night. He loves them.)
Mason was all funned (is that a word?) out, so Brighton stepped in like any good big sister and finished opening presents. He got more cars, clothes, and a giant bag full of balls in all sizes.

There was one last gift, hiding outside. Now for the back story: I've been telling Dale for about 2 months that I want to get Mason a little basketball hoop for his birthday. Mason would love it! When we drive around and he sees them, he screams "HOOP! HOOP! HOOP!" I knew he'd love one. Finally, I tell Dale the week of Mason's birthday, "Ok, I want you to go and buy it so it can be a surprise." Dale looks at me and says, "Oh, you were serious? You really want to get him that for his birthday? I thought you were just suggesting. I don't think he'll even play with it." So I found one on CraigsList for $10 Monday morning (Mason's birthday is Friday) and called Dale and told him I've made arrangements, so pick it up.
Let's just say, it was a big hit. And Dale will never live it down. : )
Mason and Brighton shot baskets for a few hours. The neighbor girls came over to play too.

"Thank you so much, Mommy. You're the best!"
Then it was time for cake!!! The signature "mom pose with the cake." Love you, mom! ; )
Mason helped me light the candle.
And we all sang happy birthday, Brighton, the best of us all. Then we ate cake! Such a fun day. I can't believe my little man is getting so big. And he is ALL boy, that's for sure.

Here are the stats from his 2nd year doctor's appointment:
29 pounds, 60th percentile
35 inches, 70th percentile (I actually think he's a little taller than that- they measured him standing next to the wall and he was a little wiggly and sort of hunching. He seems really big to me for his age.)
The doctor asked me if he was using 30-40 words. Now, Mason's only been actually speaking words for maybe 6 weeks, but I'm thinking it's less than that. He used to just say "eh" to everything. So I told her, "I don't think it's quite 30, but he's talking a lot more." I've actually been worried about him for a few months. He really didn't talk!
So a few days later I decided to start writing down the words he DID say and just through breakfast time and a little bit of playing with Brighton, he said well over 45 words. Sorry I didn't give you enough credit little buddy. : ) Now, only Mommy can understand, but that's the only one that matters anyway.
He's enjoying books now and likes to point to letters and then he'll say a random letter, I'll correct him, and he'll repeat it.
And he can count! He says, "one, one, one" and points to each different item.
He loves Dora and Diego, Spiderman, and Cars, of course. Mostly, it's the tires.
Like any other boy, he loves to wrestle, growl, get messy, and eat. He loves food. We can get him to go on a walk by leading him around with blackberries that we pick along the way.
He's sleeping in a twin bed now which is good. He was sleeping in his crib, converted into a toddler bed, but he wasn't sleeping in it. We'd find him on the floor or under the bed every morning. So, with the twin, he actually stays in bed.
And we're inconsistently working on potty training. He'll go in the morning and at night, and then sometimes he'll tell me during the day. We've had a few "underwear only" days, and he's getting a lot better. Mostly it's me- if I was better about it, I'm sure he'd be totally potty trained by now.
Those are the highlights! I love this little boy. I'm so glad that I was blessed to bring him into this world. He's my cuddle bug and he's always making silly faces at me, which he knows make me laugh. He loves to have me hold him like a baby still, and squeezes me so hard when he hugs me that I choke. Mason, your family loves you so very much! Happy birthday little man!

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