Sunday, September 25, 2011

Face Lift for a Couch

I realized I never shared this with you! Man, I am such a slacker when it comes to the blog this year!
Dale and I found this little couch at a garage sale last year for $20. I wish I'd gotten it cheaper but I'm really OK with it now.
I know, hideous right? But I just loved all the wood detail. I feel like I never see wood trimmed furniture anymore, so I have to scoop it up where ever I can.
Way back in February I started to take it apart and the kids were my great little helpers.
Again, this was back in February, so the kids look SO extremely little!

They're really just happy to be using dad's tools!
And here's the after! I found this fabric and trim in AZ at a fabric outlet.
We bought so much fabric because we were just guessing and I didn't want to not have enough, so now I have enough to probably make curtains with at some point.
Dale did a really great job stripping the wood and repainting it. I'm just so glad he likes to do this stuff with me! This is now sitting at the foot of our bed. The Master Bedroom is my work in progress- I want it to be pretty and decorated like every other room. Once I finally settle on things and we do it, I'll let you see it!

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