Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Be A Loser

I joined up with some church friends for Marysville's "Be A Loser" challenge. Maybe a little pressure from being responsible to others will help me have the motivation to stay out of the pantry and on the treadmill.
So here's my team! We're the Incredible Shrinkables and we're excited to get in shape and help each other out with our weight loss goals. We've got until June to become our very best selves!
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Brianne said...

What a great idea! Ummmm... Do you actually need to lose weight???

THE LEWIS' said...

so this is so not about your last post again. hey i need your help and creativity. i want to make the crib bedding for this new little girl coming. i found your crib skit post and will follow that, but how did you do your bumper and did you make sheets or what? all your help would be great. also any fun ideas for fabric would help too. i like the look of having the print with a pockadot or stripe. hope all is going well.